E-commerce solutions: MEGAFOLD 1650

Euroscatola / Pack4U’s new MEGAFOLD-1650 is the perfect solution for working with medium and large boxes in the packaging industry. It has high productivity, offers the flexibility to use both thin cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

Thanks to Megafold – 1650‘s modular design that allows different configurations according to customer needs, Euroscatola / Pak4U is able to perform thousands of drawings.

Megafold – 1650 allows to fold and glue the boxes in series thanks to a motorized movement of the trolley with high-precision linear guides that guide the folding of the creasing.

Ideal for e-commerce shipments to private customers, Megafold – 1650 has an intelligent 3, 4 and 6-point gluing system, with two silicone strips and an external red streep that facilitates the opening of the package by the user.